Kristine Zbornik



Kristine Zbornik's Ongoing Performers Master Class

Begins Tuesday April 3rd from 6-8 (runs until June 26th)

Manhattan studio location


Hello my beautiful people,

I’ve decided to become a functional participant of 21st-century show business. In so doing, I am in the process of constructing this website to be a massive smoke screen of self-important, self-seeking, self promotion which will have everyone who reads it doubt themselves and whether or not they’ve done enough with their own lives. Also, at this website is information about my performances and teaching. Info about my classes and private coaching can be viewed by clicking the tabs above.  And if all of this isn’t enough, visit my Facebook fan page to get updated on who I am, what I do and what I have to offer mankind (and womankind for that matter, basically, whomever wants it.) You will find the link below. Thanks for your interest.  KZ