As a performance/audition coach and director, Kristine works with Broadway and musical theater performers, dramatic actors, comedians, singers, cabaret acts, and other performing artists of all ages. She draws from four decades in the business, including performing on television, Broadway, Off-Broadway, national tours, and cabaret, as well as more than a decade of successfully coaching and directing professional performers. She is known for attention to detail and her above-and-beyond commitment to her students’ success. 

Kristine is dedicated to helping you make major breakthroughs onstage and in your career. She’ll guide and push you to take the risks that allow you to shine. Most importantly, Kristine will help you discover and utilize what sets you apart on stage. You'll enter the casting room and take the stage with focus and confidence.

Coaching with Kristine can include:

-       Preparing for auditions and expanding your audition books

-       Developing new material (solo and groups) including show concepts, patter, and song selection

-       Working closely with your musical director on arrangements tailored to your unique voice and style

-       Crafting written material for club acts, benefits, and variety shows

-       Learning the ins and outs of the business

-       How to approach a role when you get cast

-       How to effectively organize your work and your time as an actor

-       Strengthening your material and unique point of view – to be at your best for auditions and performances

To inquire about coaching, please email kzbornik1@gmail.com

Kristine also teaches group classes through SINGNASIUM; please visit the CLASSES page for her schedule.

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Testimonials from Kristine’s clients

“Kristine coached me and literally the next day I booked a Broadway show. Imma plug this class all over the damn place!” - Diane Phelan (School of Rock, Broadway)

 “Kristine Zbornik coached me through my Book of Mormon auditions, and saying she is a miracle worker is an understatement. I booked that gig and am still with the show today!” - Randy Aaron (Book of Mormon, Broadway)

"Kristine has helped me immeasurably when I'm dreaming up a new show. Not only to run my material by her seasoned ear to let me know if I'm going in the right direction, but also to ask questions which really stimulate my concepts. She never does the thinking for you, but she certainly makes you think! Often in the same way that audience members, reviewers or casting agents will already be thinking." - Lady Bunny (drag icon)

“It is no coincidence that after a few months of working together I booked several shows one after another, including a principal role in a Broadway First National tour.” - Katerina Papacostas (Tootsie, Broadway, and Kinky Boots, National Tour)

“Kristine helped shape both versions of my one-woman show and with audition prep. I have found her approach extremely helpful in giving me permission to go further with my own ideas and to uncover new possibilities in my material.” - Lori Hammel (Mamma Mia! Broadway and National Tours, Master of None, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, 30 Rock, The Colbert Report, national Rocket Mortgage commercial with Keegan-Michael Key)

“Even after 30 (ahem cough cough) plus years in this business, I always take away new and invaluable insights from a coaching with her. She just gets it.” - Michael West (NEWSical and Forbidden Broadway, Off-Broadway)

"Coaching with Kristine is a mini master class every time. She doesn't teach tricks, but rather first diagnoses how the actor can best connect with the given material. She’s my first call for every audition.” - Rhett Guter (Lead roles in Oklahoma! and Bye, Bye Birdie, Goodspeed Opera House)

“Kristine cuts through all the bullshit that can stink up this business and brings you back into your own flavor and interestingness. I dig her ass kicking style!” - Tara Tagliaferro (Sister Act, National Tour)

“Kristine Zbornik is a master. Working with her makes me feel prepared and focused in every audition. We always find the honesty and true choices together.” - Nick Kohn (Avenue Q, Broadway and Off-Broadway)

“Every time I work with Kristine I’m more confident, calm and fully prepared for whatever is coming my way. She is a FORCE!” - John Salvatore (Jersey Boys, Las Vegas)